Blago's Goodbye Kiss

Governor and First Lady continue daily routine

It looked like a scene with any couple on any morning in any city. Governor Rod  Blagojevich gave his wife Patti a kiss as they left their North Side house for the day.

Except, media is camped outside their home.

Except, Blagojevich has now been charged with corruption by the feds for allegedly trying to sell Barack Obama's senate seat.

Except, nearly every politician in Illinois and across the country, including the President-elect, is calling for the governor's resignation.

Except, the first lady is under scrutiny for her alleged role in the pay-to-play scheme.

So on day two since federal corruption charges were announced, the couple went on their separate ways.

When reporters asked Blagovevich about the allegations or if he intended to resign, he had no comment.  

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