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NBC5 Investigates: Park Forest Overtakes Chicago Neighborhood as Community Hardest-Hit by COVID-19

In NBC5’s Wednesday update of the Illinois communities that have been hardest-hit by coronavirus, south-suburban Park Forest has now overtaken the Chicago neighborhood of West Ridge – in West Rogers Park – as the place with the most reported coronavirus cases, per capita.  We’ve found that one in every 120 people in Park Forest have tested positive for the virus.

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You can use this chart to search for your community by zip code or community name.  If your community isn't on this list, it means there are five or fewer cases of coronavirus attributed to that particular zip code.

One thing remains constant, however:  Most all of the hardest-hit neighborhoods, towns and cities have populations that are majority African-American, providing one more illustration of how this virus is particularly hurting black residents in the greater Chicago area.

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