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NBC 5 Responds: ‘Ghosted' By A Third-Party Concert Ticket Seller

Delays and drama complicate a long-awaited crooners’ concert.

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An on-again-off-again, much-anticipated concert in Chicago this past July was headlined by fan favorites James Taylor and Jackson Browne.

Some 10,000 fans made their way into the United Center that night. Two fans who should have been there, after buying tickets back in 2020, were left in the dust, they said.

The two fans were relegated to their Will County home as they battled to get back the $400 they spent on the tickets they never received. When they couldn’t get any answers, they turned to NBC 5 Responds for help.

NBC5 Responds found their complaint to be just one of many reported about this industry, in general. Watch the full story above.

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