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Schock to Paul Ryan: Don't Screw Up



    Two of Capitol Hill's hottest congressmen also happen to be workout buddies and friends who trade advice and tout each other's physiques.

    So when Paul Ryan made a fund-raising stop Sunday in Illinois, Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) had lunch with his pal in Chicago and gave him a few friendly tips ahead of the vice presidential debate. (No, "flaunt his bod" wasn't one of them.)

    "My last advice to him was, 'Well, Paul, just don't screw up,'" Schock told NBC Chicago Thursday. "And he kind of chuckled and said, 'Yeah, everybody's been telling me that.'"

    Schock acknowledged Ryan is going up against the big guns when debating Vice President Joe Biden. The appearance, he said, is especially important for Ryan to present his vision for America because he only gets one shot on the debate stage.

    "The great thing about Paul Ryan is he comes to this debate tonight already well-prepared, even before the debate prep," Schock said. "This is a guy who's one of the deepest members of Congress, one of the most heavy in terms of policy depth and in understanding of budget finances and foreign policy and the issues of the day."

    What's the best way to covey these goodies? Schock told Ryan to be relatable and be himself: "You got chosen as VP because people like you, because you're knowledgeable, because you can sell what it is you stand for.  And just do that tonight: Deliver who you are to the American people."

    If he does that, Schock predicts big things for Romney.

    "If Paul Ryan and Joe Biden go head-to-head, and Paul does a little bit better tonight, that's going to continue positive momentum for the Romney campaign."