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Joe Walsh's Greatest Hits



    Who's more entertaining? The Tea Party congressman or the rock guitarist who's campaigning for his opponent, Tammy Duckworth? Watch these clips and judge.

    Joe Walsh shreds on "Walk Away," as a member of his first band, The James Gang. Dig the psychedelic background. 

    James Gang - Walk Awayby killgore777

    Joe Walsh yells at a constituent during a "Cup of Joe" event at Uno Bar and Grill in Gurnee.



    Joe Walsh sings "Rocky Mountain Way" off his first solo album, the unforgettably titled The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get. Introduced by Richard Pryor on The Midnight Special.


    At a town hall meeting in Gurnee, Joe Walsh describes members of the Occupy movement as "clueless" and "spoiled."


    Joe Walsh sings "Life's Been Good" with The Eagles. (Although Walsh joined The Eagles in the mid-1970s, this song is actually off his solo album, But Seriously, Folks... Glenn Frey and Don Henley, the band's two original members, did not invite Walsh to write songs. Walsh knew his place, too, telling Rolling Stone, "It's Glenn and Don's band.")

    Joe Walsh tells CNN's Martin Bashir he is "innocent until proven guilty" on allegations he owes $117,000 in child support.

    Joe Walsh and Don Felder play the famous guitar duet on "Hotel California." It was their first album with the band, and this song demonstrated that The Eagles had transformed themselves from laid-back Southern California country rockers to pompous social commentators. From then on, everything The Eagles recorded smelled like warm calitas. "Tammy can have the support of the 'Hotel California' liberal elite," a spokesman for Tea Partier Walsh said. "Congressman Walsh is more concerned with getting the support of hard working families from the 8th district."