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Blago Trial: Daily Journal 7/12



    Blago Trial: Daily Journal 7/12
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    Blago Saga Continues |
    Deputy Governor Robert Greenlee testified that Rod would hide in bathrooms to avoid discussing complex issues. Other tapes played portrayed Blago as a foul-mouthed, brooding governor.

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    What to expect today: Rod's former Congressional chief of staff John Wyma will testify about Blagojevich's attempts to secure campaign contributions in exchange for state contracts and favors. Wyma was integral in building the case against Blagojevich. He delivered the information that allowed federal investigators to petition for the wiretaps that have become the crux of the prosecution's case. 

    Later, Judge James Zagel, on a recommendation from an appeals court, will hold a hearing on releasing the names of jurors hearing the case. This could be the last full day for the prosecution as they've indicated they will rest their case as early as Tuesday.

    10:30 a.m.

    Deputy governor Bob Greenlee finished his testimony saying he was "very surprised" when Jesse Jackson Jr.'s stock began to rise in November of 2008.

    Greenlee is now under very long and tedious cross examination by defense attorney Aaron Goldstein.

    11:07 am

    The cross examination of Greenlee has become so tedious that at one point, defense lawyer Aaron Goldstein asked Greenlee if he knew what a "squiggly thing" was in the transcript of one recording.

    It was, of course, a question mark.

    11:52 am

    As the marathon cross examination continues, defense lawyer Aaron Goldstein just asked Greenlee if he thought there was a "political conspiracy" against Blagojevich. [Read the Full Story Here]

    12:13 pm

    During this stem-winding cross examination of Bob Greenlee, the judge has sustained at least 25 objections raised by prosecutors.

    12:31 pm

    When Blagojevich was seeking a cabinet post in exchange for appointing Valerie Jarrett to the Senate seat, Greenlee told him it was "a totally legitimate ask.". Attorney Aaron Goldstein asked if he wasnt essentially telling the governor that the idea was lawful.   [Read the Full Story Here]

    1:38 pm

    During a brief hearing into the question of whether the names of the jurors should be released, Judge James Zagel said he wanted to reveal to the lawyers, certain communications he had received from the public about the case:

    * The Judge said several emails expressed the hope that voters who voted for Blagojevich would have to sit on the jury to "more than atone for their sins."

    * One mentioned "The Apprentice"' said Blagojevich was an awful person and they hope he goes to jail.

    * Another said they could not see "how anyone who had so few skills could have committed such a crime."

    * One anonymous writer said they were "depending on the judge to see that the accused gets what he deserves.". (The judge noted that they did not say what that was.)

    * Judge Zagel said he was even stopped by someone on the street offering the same opinion of one of the earlier emails, that people who voted fro Blagojevich should now be forced to sit on the jury. The judge quickly added that when he hears, "hey Judge" on the street, "that is not necessarily a good thing."

    The Judge noted that none of the communications were belligerent, or what he would classify as "threatening.". And he said he had not heard from anyone about the case in the last three months.

    2:05 pm

    Rod Blagojevich's lawyers say the case is moving so fast it is hampering their ability to put on a proper defense.

    The attorneys say many of their witnesses and those witnesses' lawyers were told they would not be needed until August.  Some, they say, are currently on vacation.

    The defense is expected to begin as early as Wednesday.  It was made clear today that Robert Blagojevich's team will go first.  But it is expected that only Robert and his wife will be called.  Then it would be time for the former governor to begin his case.

    2:30 pm

    On cross examination, former deputy governor Bob Greenlee confirmed that he never really heard any of the governor's advisors disagree with his strategy of demanding a cabinet post in exchange for appointing Valerie Jarrett to the senate seat, and he conceded that he never reported an attempted bribe to the state Inspector General.

    Greenlee confirmed that he told Blagojevich, when they were discussing the possibility of his being appointed Health and Himan Services secretary, "No one is more qualified than you."

    Greenlee said he had just told Blagojevich something he didn't want to hear a few minutes earlier, and was just trying to get "back in his good graces."

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