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Grizzly Bears and Teddy Bears: Eagles vs. Bears



    For the Bears biggest win, we have a super-sized version of Grizzly Bears and Teddy Bears.

    Grizzly Bears -- the Bears who plucked those birds out of the sky:

    Earl Bennett
    : The Vanderbilt product played like a man possessed on Sunday. With four catches, two touchdowns and 56 yards, the hard-to-tackle Bennett showed that he belongs with Johnny Knox and Devin Hester in the Bears stable of receivers.

    Brian Urlacher: Old Man Urlacher can still play some football. He led the Bears with nine tackles, and broke up a pass. He led a defense who kept Michael Vick on his heels all day. Speaking of ...

    D-Line: Every member of the Bears' starting D-line sacked Michael Vick, forcing him to give up 40 yards. Julius Peppers had Vick on the run all day. They played as one cohesive unit, and stopped one of the best QBs in the league from doing his thing.

    Jay Cutler
    : If a time traveler told you on Sunday morning that one of the QBs in the Bears-Eagles game would throw a crucial end zone interception, you'd think, "CUTLER!" right? We of little faith. Cutler withstood the pressure and getting sacked four times to throw four touchdowns, 247 yards, and no interceptions.

    Matt Forte: When Forte runs well, the Bears do well. It's that simple. He had a banner game against the Eagles, a top 10 running defense. Forte picked up 117 yards on the ground, and added to it 22 receiving yards.

    Teddy Bears -- the Bears who spent the game thinking about Cyber Monday sales

    O-Line: Cutler was sacked four times on Sunday, giving fans flashbacks from the Giants game. His O-line was blowing assignments, and an NFC East team was tromping all over him. Not only that, Olin Kreutz, the veteran of the line, had several skirmishes with the Eagles after the whistle. As the game went on, they settled down and improved, but how many more four-sack games can Cutler take?

    Chester Taylor: Last week, the Bears free agent averaged 0.9 yards per carry, and it seemed like it couldn't get worse, right? Wrong. How about - 0.5 yards per carry? That's right. He had negative yardage, which is the exact same thing that I would do if the Bears threw me a jersey and said suit up. Of course, I'm not being paid $3 million.