Infant Injured, Two Killed in Maywood Crash | NBC Chicago

Infant Injured, Two Killed in Maywood Crash



    A five-week-old baby was injured in a car crash that claimed the lives of two men on Saturday night.

    The crash happened just after 7:00 pm near the intersection of 9th Avenue and St. Charles Road in Maywood, according to police.

    The three-car accident was the result of a possible "confrontation" that took place prior in Melrose Park, police said.

    The two men, 50-year-old Elias Cruz and 35-year-old Jose Mauras, were killed after their Toyota collided head-on with another vehicle, a white Nissan.

    Sarah Kiris, 22 and Josh Hurst, 23 were in the Nissan along with their 5-week-old baby girl, who remains hospitalized Sunday, according to police.

    Maywood police Chief Tim Curry said the baby was originally thought to be "fine," but Curry said Sunday that “She took a turn for the worse" and may have some serious injuries because of the crash.

    The accident is under investigation.