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Hair-Raising Lawsuit Aimed at Baldness Clinic

The company sells a no risk, 100-percent satisfaction guarantee for its treatments

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    Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has brought suit against two hair growth institutes, calling their satisfaction guarantee a bald-faced lie.

    The lawsuit charges that the Natural Hair Growth Institute and Omega Hair Group, and its president, Steve Bennis, uses a laser treatment that hasn’t been cleared by the FDA, and, perhaps worse, doesn’t provide refunds to its clients, according to the Chicago Tribune  who has full text of the suit.  

    Problem is, the company sells a no risk, 100-percent satisfaction guarantee for its treatments, which run between $8,000 to $12,000.

    One client mentioned in the suit went tried time and again to claim his refund when he didn’t see any results sprouting on top of his cranium.

    Charles Stevenson gave up trying to call and headed down to Bennis’s office, at which point the receptionist offered him six more months of treatment at a discounted rate. When Stevenson declined, Bennis stormed out of his office “enraged” and “approached Mr. Stevenson in an intimidating manner.”

    Madigan’s suit seeks full restitution for customers who were duped, thousands of dollars in fines, and a ban on practicing their hair-brained schemes in Illinois.

    A representative for Bennis told the Tribune that the president stands behind his business, and called the suit nonsense.

    It’s “100 percent one-sided and has no basis whatsoever," spokeswoman Angela Kolton told the Tribune.