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Media Diss At Polling Place



    HIGHWOOD, IL - NOVEMBER 2: People line up to cast their ballot at the Highwood Recreation Center November 2, 2010 in Highwood, Illinois. U.S. Congressman Mark Kirk (R-IL) is locked in a tight battle with democratic rival Alexi Giannoulias for the senate seat formerly held by U.S. President Barack Obama. (Photo by Frank Polich/Getty Images)

    Election officials in Chicago's 24th precinct attempted to bar the news media from access today, in direct violation of Election Board policy.

    For some 40 minutes, a woman identifying herself as an investigator for the Chicago Board of Elections barred photographers and reporters from entering the polling place at the Spertus Institute, 610 S. Michigan Ave., where candidate Gery Chico was about to vote. 

    Run-Off Chances and Voter Fraud Warning

    [CHI] Run-Off Chances and Voter Fraud Warning
    Thom Serafin, political consultant, talks about the possibility of a run-off in the Chicago Mayoral race and a warning against free massages for votes.

    When an official at Board headquarters attempted to intervene by telephone, she again refused. 

    It was not until Elections Board spokesman Jim Allen called a second time that she finally relented. 

    Chico Predicts a Runoff

    [CHI] Chico Predicts a Runoff
    The mayoral candidate says victory will come on April 5.

    But even after reporters and cameras were granted grudging access, other investigators circulated, demanding credentials and other documentation.