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Durbin Enters Enemy RNC Territory

Senator part of Democratic contingent in Tampa



    (Published Friday, Aug. 31, 2012)

    Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin may seem like a fish out of water at the Republican National Convention, but Democrats aren't shying away from obvious enemy territory.

    Durbin, an Obama campaign co-chair, is part of a Democratic operation in Tampa this week who are there to, as he says, "set the record straight" on issues like Mitt Romney's business record.

    "His business philosophy at Bain Capital left a lot of people behind, unemployed," Durbin says.

    Durbin has been front and center in a debate that has gotten personal at times.

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    "Both sides have broken the rules when it comes to this, let's be real honest about that," Durbin said. "The nature of campaigns are pretty rough and tumble."

    And you didn't have to look any further for sharp rhetoric than the Illinois delegation breakfast on Thursday. Former New Hampshire governor and White House Chief of Staff John Sununu brought up convicted Obama fundraiser Tony Rezko, saying "maybe Tony Rezko can help him (Obama) again."

    "Tacky, but John Sununu is entitled to his point of view -- it's not gonna stick," Durbin said in response.

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    Durbin says the same sort of thing will happen at the Democratic National Convention and there's "nothing wrong with that."