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The Big Number: 41 Years Since Bears Lost to Giants on the Road




    41: Years since the Bears have lost to the Giants on the road. That loss came in 1969 at the old Yankee Stadium in a season where the Bears went 1-14.

    45: Times the Bears and Giants have met. Seven of those games occurred in post-season, and the Bears hold the winning edge, 27-16-2.

    21: Points scored in the playoff game between the Bears and Giants in 1985. The Bears went on to win the Super Bowl that year, lest you need reminding.

    0: Times that Jay Cutler has faced the New York Giants, despite the rich history that the Bears and Giants share. 

    2.1:  The margin that separates Eli Manning and Jay Cutler in career QB  rating. Cutler's is better at 81.4 than Manning's at 79.3.