Ginger Zee Visits Schools

From Kenosha to Joliet to NW Indiana - Zee Brings Weather to the Classroom

As a child, I fell in love with severe weather on the shores of Lake Michigan.  My love for weather brought me to Valparaiso University to study meteorology...and television, well, that came later.  My education has nothing to do with broadcasting or journalism, but rather, all science and math (B.S. in Meteorology, minors in Spanish and Math).

I love bringing this passion for weather to the community and travel to city and suburban schools every Friday.

If you are interested in having me visit your school please e-mail me directly at

Some FAQ's regarding my visits:

What do you talk about?

The subject of the talk revolves around the basics of weather forecasting.  It is an interactive PowerPoint presentation with tons of science and fun combined.

How long does it last?

I typically stay for 45 minutes.

What do you need for your visit?

My PowerPoint is on a flash drive that I bring.  It seems to work best if you have an LCD projector and laptop computer set up prior to my arrival...that way, I can just pop in the flash drive and we can get on our way quickly!

Is there a cost involved?

There is not a cost involved, however, I encourage schools/groups to donate to my charity.  If you do intend to do this, thank you, just let me know when you write and I will get you the information.

What grades/ages do you speak to?

I will speak to any age/grade, but I really believe 3rd-7th grade gets the most out of my weather talk.

Extra Info:

I also like to share photos of the students that I visit on my broadcasts after I visit the school. 

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