How to Drive Safely in Ice and Snow

AAA offers tips to keep you safe when winter weather strikes

Wintry weather on a road
Getty Images

NBC's Storm Team 5 meteorologists are monitoring the potential for heavy rain, snow and ice conditions this weekend.

When bad weather hits, it's always best to stay off the roads. If you don't have a choice, AAA has important information to keep you safe.

In snowy conditions, AAA recommends:

  • Drive slowly
  • Increase your following distance by five or six seconds
  • Apply firm, steady pressure on your brake
  • Don't use cruise control

When roads are icy, AAA recommends:

  • Be careful on bridges and overpasses, they freeze before the road
  • Avoid unnecessary lane changes
  • Drive, turn, and brake slowly
  • During a skid, keep your eyes on the road, and don't slam on the brakes

Any time you're driving in cold temperatures, AAA recommends keeping warm clothing, food and water in your car. Drivers should also keep tires properly inflated and maintain at least a half tank of gas.

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