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Drive-Through Holiday Shopping!

Erin Gallagher boutique makes shopping easy all December.



    Drive-Through Holiday Shopping!
    Erin Gallagher
    From fast food to fine jewelery -- what will we be able to pick up next?

    Not enough places have a drive-through, in our opinion.

    We’d probably buy a lot more stuff if we didn’t have to get our butt out of the car.

    “Hey honey, what do you think about picking up a Nintendo Wii on our way home? Sure, dear.  I’ll just go through the Best Buy drive-through.”

    It’s safe to say that we’re subscribers to the world of instant gratification.

    Chicago jewelry designer Erin Gallagher is catering to the need for speedy shopping all December. This month, you can browse her breezy, vintage-inspired pieces online (or even design your own) – call in your order, and a member of the staff will have the item gift-wrapped and waiting for you curbside.

    Perfect for procrastinators or men who hate to shop -- we’ve really got to hand it to Erin for making things easy. 

    Hey, she’s a gem.