The Food Guy: Justice of the Pies

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There is no question Maya-Camille Broussard is talented. She already has a cookbook – Justice of the Pies –the same name as her new bakery, which occupies a former dentist’s office in Avalon Park.

“I wanted to build a loyal following, and over the past eight years I’ve been able to do that,” said Broussard.

For starters, a peach cobbler parfait of sorts.

“Currently we are offering a peach cobbler filling with soft serve and our signature salted caramel peach pie slice on top,” she said.

There’s cookies and cinnamon rolls too, but pies are the focus.

“My dad loved pies, but I loved everything – pound cake, brownies, crispy treats – the brownies that we serve are really special. I make them in a really small pan to ensure everyone gets an edge. We put dark chocolate and milk chocolate using Valhrona chocolate, so it’s very rich, fudgy,” she said.

Broussard has more challenges than most business owners. For one, she can’t greet her guests and work at the same time.

“Because I cannot talk and work at the same time. I literally have to stop, look at you, because I rely on reading lips as a form of communication.”

With so much new equipment, the business was also a target for thieves during construction.

“It was very discouraging, and I started to question if I was even supposed to open in this neighborhood,” she said.

But now with a finished space, and room for classes, Broussard is already getting compliments from her new neighbors.

“People say ‘I’ve lived here since 1969 and this is exactly what the neighborhood needs,” said Broussard.

After a few weeks of practice, Justice for the Pies officially opens on Friday. For now, the bakery will only be open Friday to Sunday.

Here's where you can go:

Justice of the Pies

8655 S. Blackstone Ave.

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