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Unique Chicken Recipes



    Unique Chicken Recipes
    Chili Rubbed Chicken

    Unique Chicken Dishes from District Bar

    Chicken Quesadilla
    1 12 inch quesadilla
    1 chicken thigh
    1 chicken leg
    1/2 cup mexican chorizo
    1 caramelized onion
    1/2 cup red cabbage
     1 bunch cilantro picked leaves
    1 cup charred corn
    1/2 cup chihuahahua cheese
    jalapeno vinaigrette
    4 deseeded jalapenos
    4 whole jalapeños
    4 fresh garlic cloves
    1 large shallot
    1 Tablespoon cumin ground
    1 cup cider vinegar
    3 cup salad oil
    salt to taste

    avocado puree
    2 avocados
    juice of one lime
    heaping tablespoon sour cream
    salt to taste

    roast dark chicken in the oven till cooked through.  Sauté chorizo until dry of moisture add charred corn, caramelized onion, pulled chicken meat.
    take tortilla shell lay some cheese on one side add meat mixture on top a little more cheese and fold. Brown quesadilla in a pan on both sides.
    dollop avocado on plate slice quesadilla over the top. Mix salad of cabbage, cilantro leaves and jalapeño vin and serve along side

    Apple Chicken sandwich
    4 oz herb marinated chicken breast pounded down (marinade thyme garlic rosemary olive oil
    1 oz laura chenel goats cheese
    1 bunch circus frisee
    2 radish paper thin slices
    1 fuji apple paper thin slices

    Dressed with honey dijon
    champagne vinegar
    extra virgin olive oil

    Served on red hen ciabatta roll

    ½ Roast Amish Chicken Dinner
    One Amish chicken breast airlined
    2 Yukon potatoes
    sour cream
    knob of butter
    dash of cream
    s&p to taste
    5 pieced grilled asparagus
    spring onion
    Roasted chicken jus
    basil oil

    herb marinade for chicken and asparagus thyme, rosemary, garlic extra virgin olive oil

    Pan roast the chicken breast in oil skin down, cook in 400 degree oven for approx. 8 minutes
    let it sit on the side for 5 minutes until slicing.
    Mashed potatoes
    boil whole yukons
    mash with sour cream butter mix
    grill the asparagus
    chicken sauce is chicken stock reduced to sauce consistency.