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Kane KO's Toews... Virtually

Stanley Cup-winning duo goes thumb-to-thumb to promote new video game



    Kane KO's Toews... Virtually
    NHL Network Online, EA

    Blackhawks team captain Jonathan Toews, bested in a brawl on the ice by speedy winger Patrick Kane?

    "I'm embarrassed. It ruined the whole day," said Toews after getting dropped in a simulated fight on EA’s new NHL 11 video game, according to NHL.com.  "We'll have to have a rematch."

    The Stanley Cup-winning duo was in New York to promote the new game when they went thumb-to-thumb on a big screen in front of dozens of fans.

    Toews told NHL.com he was caught off guard.

    "I was pressing the wrong buttons, so my guy didn't throw a punch and I just got knocked out by Patrick Kane," he said.

    Kane, who’s about 30 pounds lighter than Toews and has never been in a real NHL fight, didn’t let the win go to his head.

    "That's probably how it would happen in real life," he said.  "Thankfully for him he doesn't have to fight me."

    But the day still belonged to Toews, who graces the cover of the new title, one year after his teammate did.

    "I think they knew the better game was going to be in 2011, they were projecting that so they were waiting to save the best for that year."