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Goal Alert Aims to Make Soccer Safer

Falling soccer posts have killed five people in last 2 years



    Goal Alert Aims to Make Soccer Safer

    Soccer goals are killers.

    Just ask Greg Dempsey, a Chicago inventor who's latest gadget, Goal Alert, is designed to prevent soccer goals from toppling over and striking children at play.

    There have been at least 35 deaths -- five in the last two years -- by soccer goal posts, according to numbers from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Another 55 people have been injured.

    Dempsey says he almost lost a close friend in 1983 when a goal post fell over.

    Goal Alert Hopes to Make Soccer Safer

    [CHI] Goal Alert Hopes to Make Soccer Safer
    Each year, families are devastated by tragedies on the soccer field when goal posts topple over and injure or kill children.
    (Published Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2009)

    The incident was the impetus behind Goal Alert, which attaches to goal posts and literally raises a red flag if the back of the goal rises more than 1/2 inch off the ground.

    Some experts say it takes as little as 25 pounds of pressure to send the nets, the only two free-standing objects on a soccer field, toppling over.

    Dempsey has worked with the Naperville Park District to get Goal Alert installed on that city's soccer posts on a trial basis.

    While the CPSC hasn't specifically endorsed Dempsey's product, it has issued guidelines and safety standards for soccer nets.