NCAA Bracket Challenge: the Sportscaster, the Secretary and the Pig

NBC Chicago sports reporter Peggy Kusinski wonders why it always seems that the people who know the least about college basketball do the best on their brackets.  The question made for a very unique bracket challenge.

Peggy's Bracket
Margaret's Bracket
Pig's Bracket

The Pig Didn't Finish

After three rounds of the NCAA tournament:  Peggy "the sportscaster" went 4-4. 
Margaret, "the secretary" and Harley "the pig" both went 1-7.  
But Margaret's National Champion Tennessee is still alive. 
Peggy still has two Final Four Teams with West Virginia and Duke.

After Round 2 of the NCAA Tournament:

Peggy "The Sportscaster" - 7-9
Margaret "The Secretary" - 5-11
Harley "The Pig" - 3-13
The sportscaster had Pittsburgh to win it all... Pitt is out.   The Pig had LeHigh to win it all... LeHigh is out. 
The Secretary is still alive with Tennessee as National champs!

In another challenge, NBC Chicago sports reporter Paula Faris challenged her 2-year-old daughter to a bracket face-off.

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