NFL's Top 100: Which Bear Is Next?

The NFL Network asked all of the players in the league to rank the 100 best current players. They've been unveiling the list since the draft. Lance Briggs was the first Bear named at 92, and Brian Urlacher's spot at No. 49 in the list was unveiled last week. What other Bears will make it list? Grizzly Detail breaks it down, pseudo-scientifically.

(Please note that these odds have zero mathematical anything behind them, because I barely got out through pre-calculus in high school. They are for fun. Also, if you actually bet on which Bears will make the NFL Network's Top 100, you have a gambling problem and you need to seek help.)

2-1 -- Julius Peppers
: This is a lock. Peppers is regarded as one of the NFL's best defensive players, and for good reason. With 89 career sacks, a quarterback is never safe around Pep. He pressures the quarterback, but is so rangy and athletic that he can force turnovers, too. For Chicago in 2010, he drew double and triple-teams, giving players like Israel Idonije a chance to shine. If he's not on this list, the entire thing is irrelevant.

30-1 -- Devin Hester: The Ridiculous One improved his standing in the eyes of his peers with a huge 2010, finding his return magic that had dazzled so many early in his career. He is a threat to score every time he is in the backfield, and that scares his peers. In the NFL, fear breeds respect, and Hester could make the top 40 of the list because of that.

Gajillion-1 -- Jay Cutler
: Yes, a gajillion. It comes right before billionty. It's not that Cutler is a terrible quarterback, because his stats indicate that he is a very good QB. His teammates agree, bringing up his toughness and leadership on every occasion. But the rest of the league has not yet warmed to Cutler's charms, blasting him for not playing the entire NFC Championship game. Sorry, Cut. 

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