Under Center Podcast: How the Bears Can Get an Impact Player at 20 in the 2021 NFL Draft

Under Center Podcast: How Bears can get impact player at 20 in 2021 NFL Draft originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Bear with us (lol), if the Bears stay at 20 they could very well still get an instant impact player. Ken Davis and Eric Strobel are joined by John Daigle, draft, fantasy, and betting NFL expert from NBC Sports Edge to discuss how the draft is seemingly shaping out according to sources and mock drafts, where the Bears could have the opportunity to take a top tier talent even at 20. Also in the podcast, they break down why Justin Fields is falling down draft boards and why Mac Jones is climbing those boards, and some inside fantasy football advice that you're not going to want to miss.

(3:30) - Is the expectation around the league is for the Bears to stay at 20, or are they trying to move up?

(6:45) - Would it be surprising if the Bears went defense at 20?

(14:00) - Should the Bears look to a WR with the 20th pick?

(22:40) - Why is Justin Fields falling down draft boards?

(30:40) - The Atlanta Falcons are looking to move from the 4th pick, should the Bears inquire?

(42:45) - What are the Bears looking to do with Allen Robinson?

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