Blackhawks Talk Podcast: NHL Players, Owners Are Back at Negotiating Table

Podcast: NHL players, owners are back at negotiating table originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

With the NHL season seemingly right around the corner, the owners and players are in negotiations surrounding the CBA, "deferred money" and "escrow caps." Do the players still have the upper hand? Are the most recent reports simply negotiation tactics by the owners?

Pat Boyle, Scott King and Charlie Roumeliotis break down what the most recent "CBA speed bump" could mean for the impending start of the season, and how any impasse might impact the return to play.

Once the NHL does drop the puck on the 2020-21 season, what will the Blackhawks division opponents look like? Where will the games be played, and how many fans will be allowed to attend?

Finally, Brent Seabrook is healthy and ready to prove any doubters wrong. The guys discuss the emotional toll Seabrook has taken off the ice.

(1:20) - The “return to play” is right around the corner for the Blackhawks and the 2020-21 NHL season, but the players and owners may have just hit a roadblock before hockey can resume. Pat, Scott and Charlie break down the CBA and the hangups surrounding “deferred money” and “escrow caps.”

(8:56) - NHL owners and the players association will most likely need to come to an agreement within the next week, and there are still some big question marks even beyond “deferred money” and “escrow.” Did the NHL learn a lesson from MLB’s very public negotiations this summer?

(12:50) - How will the absence of fans at games early in the season affect small market teams?

(14:20) - Breaking down the possible division opponents for the Blackhawks in 2020-21. Could the Hawks be playing division games against the defending Stanley Cup champs this winter?

(17:00) - What would a “hub city” setup in the NHL look like? Could the Blackhawks be looking at a more “baseball-style” schedule for the 2020-21 season?

(26:30) - Brent Seabrook had a rare sit-down interview with Pierre LeBrun recently, and he opened up in a way Blackhawks fans have never seen or heard. Could we be in store for a big “comeback season” from Seabs with the injuries and difficult personal times now behind him?

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