Maddon Addresses Cardinals' Ban on ‘Try Not to Suck' Shirts

Chicago Cubs players have taken to wearing t-shirts with the slogan “Try Not to Suck” emblazoned on them, but fans of the team will be in for quite a surprise if they try wearing one to a St. Louis Cardinals game.

That’s because the team has apparently banned the shirts from Busch Stadium. The shirts, which are produced by Korked Baseball and help raise money for Cubs manager Joe Maddon’s Respect 90 charity, were a big hit among fans and players, and Maddon is perplexed as to why they’ve been banned.

“I’d love to know the definition of why they’re offensive in any shape or form,” Maddon told media members in St. Louis. “Whoever thinks they’re offensive has a dirty mind.”

The phrase “Try Not to Suck” caught on in the Cubs’ clubhouse after Maddon said it to infielder Javier Baez. The term is designed to get Baez to cut loose a bit and not put too much pressure on himself, and soon players like Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant, along with Maddon, were wearing t-shirts with the phrase on them.

Even though the ban probably has been a bummer for fans, Maddon encourages Cubs supporters not to give up the fight to buy and wear the shirts.

“It’s much better if the fans make a big deal out of it,” Maddon told the Chicago Tribune. “Let someone blow your horn, and the sound travels twice as far.” 

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