Chicago Cubs

Joe Maddon Unveils Newest Slogan for Cubs

Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon is constantly coming up with new ways to express his philosophy, and he’s using an equation to explain what he wants the team to accomplish in 2018.

The new equation was painted onto the Cubs’ practice field in Arizona this week, and the Cubs’ Twitter account showed it off:

The equation reads “E-squared equals ‘W.’” The ‘E-squared’ part of the equation represents the two elements that Maddon wants the team to embrace this season, which are energy and enthusiasm, and the W obviously represents the iconic “W” flag that flies over Wrigley Field every time the Cubs win a game.

This isn’t the first time that Maddon has used math to motivate his team. When he was with the Tampa Bay Rays, Maddon put “9=8” on a t-shirt, signifying the number of players that start a baseball game (nine) and the number of teams that make the playoffs (eight).

This latest “Maddonsim” joins some of the manager’s other slogans, including “Try Not to Suck” and “Respect 90.” 

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