Fowler Asks Wife to Reschedule C-Section So He Can ‘Go See Rizzo'

Anthony Rizzo better go buy an out-of-this-world baby gift.

That’s because the Chicago Cubs first baseman is apparently the reason that former teammate Dexter Fowler, who now plays for the St. Louis Cardinals, asked his pregnant wife Aliya to reschedule the birth of their second child.

Aliya Fowler took to Instagram stories to tell the tale behind the switch, clearly finding humor in the situation.

She said she had an appointment with her doctor to schedule the C-section for their second child, a girl due in July.

“So I text Dex to confirm the date is ok with him, and you know what he said?” she asked, adding, “I’m really only asking him to be nice, like I can’t control when I’m due.”

“But he said, ‘That’s not gonna work for me because we play Chicago and I gotta go see Rizzo.’” [[481376231, C]]

July is chock-full of match-ups between the National League Central division rivals, with five games (including a Sunday double-header) in Chicago scheduled to begin July 19, then three games in St. Louis the following weekend.

With little time left in the month of July not devoted to Cubs-Cards games, what did Aliya Fowler do?

“So I moved my due date. For you, Anthony Rizzo,” she said, tagging Rizzo in her videos.

While Aliya Fowler certainly wins wife and mother of the year, she probably wouldn’t make such a big change for just anyone.

Rizzo and the Fowlers have remained close since Dexter Fowler left the Cubs after the 2016 World Series - so close, in fact, that Rizzo asked their firstborn daughter Naya to be the flower girl at his upcoming wedding.

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