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Cubs Manager Joe Maddon Describes His ‘Defensive Foot Fetish'

Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon is one of the most entertaining voices in the baseball world, but he may have outdone himself with the interesting way he explained his love of defensive positioning.

Speaking about a catch made by outfielder Ian Happ in Monday’s game against the San Francisco Giants, Maddon said that while the catch was spectacular, it would have been preferable if Happ’s positioning had been better.

Except Maddon didn’t quite phrase it that way.

“I’m into feet,” Maddon said. “I like good feet. I don’t have a foot fetish, other than defense. I have a defensive foot fetish.”

While this admission doesn’t put Maddon into the same category as former Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan, it’s still a really silly way to describe being concerned about Happ’s positioning in the outfield. The rookie has made several appearances in center field and has some experience in the corners, but overall Maddon has been satisfied with his game thus far.

“I saw a couple things I’d like to see him address and get better,” Maddon said. “He can be really good out there.”

While Maddon may have questions about Happ on defense, there’s no question that he’s had a massive impact on the team’s lineup. Happ already has seven extra base hits, including a pair of home runs, and five RBI in nine games with the Cubs, and he’s batting .323 with an OPS of 1.126 in the early stages of his big league career. 

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