Chicago Cubs

Cubs Manager Joe Maddon Criticizes Decision to Play in Bad Weather

The Chicago Cubs scored an epic comeback victory over the Atlanta Braves on Saturday afternoon, but manager Joe Maddon was still mad after the game.

Speaking to reporters after the Cubs came back from an eight-run deficit to win the contest, Maddon said that the weather conditions at the Friendly Confines were the “worst” he had ever experienced in his career as a manager.

“I thought the 2008 World Series game I participated in was the worst. It just got surpassed,” Maddon said. “This is not baseball weather. The elements were horrific to play baseball in. That is the worst elements I ever participated in in a baseball game. Ever.”

NBC 5’s Chris Hush is at North Avenue Beach as hearty souls brave awful weather during what is supposed to be springtime in Chicago. 

Maddon also attributed the Braves’ wildness, which led to a slew of errors and mistakes, to the poor conditions, as rain fell throughout the game in a cold and blustery ballpark.

Despite his opposition to playing in those kind of conditions, Maddon said his complaints didn’t rise to the level of telling management that he wouldn’t want his players going out in those conditions.

“We’re going to do what we’re told to do,” he said.

Park at Wrigley’s summer movie series will get underway next month.

The weather isn’t supposed to be much better on Sunday, as poor conditions are on tap for the series finale at Wrigley Field. 

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