Homeowner Puts Everyone's Halloween Decorations to Shame With Incredible ‘Go Cubs Go' Light Show

Chicago Cubs fans are known for their creativity, but in the case of a Cubs-loving Nebraska couple, they took their passion and fused it with Halloween fun in a glorious light show

Plenty of Chicago Cubs fans have gone to extraordinary lengths to celebrate their team’s postseason success this year, but for a pair of Cubs fans in Nebraska, they took their passion to a remarkable new level.

That couple, Paul and Sabrina got wrapped up in the spirit of the Cubs’ playoff run and in the spirit of Halloween, and they turned their home into a “Go, Cubs, Go” light show, delighting neighbors and showing off their skills for the world to see.

Take a look for yourself:

“When we bought our own house, we wanted to have a cool Halloween display,” Sabrina said of the light show. “As for the Cubs song, Paul started it last year but didn’t finish it. I asked him if he could do “Go, Cubs, Go” if they went to the World Series, so he was able to use what we had to finish it.

The couple has had quite a bit of experience in terms of creating Halloween light shows, which they proudly display on YouTube, but surprisingly the most time-consuming part of the process isn’t putting up lights or syncing up music, but rather making the videos themselves.

“At first it took him a few weeks to put together a song. Now with practice and new software, it takes a few hours,” Sabrina said. “The video can take a while. Sometimes he’s been shooting and a neighbor will come by to see and stand in front of the camera.”

Nosy neighbors and onlookers aside, the Glozeris family is now fully focused on whether the Cubs can break a 108-year long streak and win a World Series title, and they are “cautiously optimistic” about the team’s chances of doing just that.

“We think they have a legitimate chance of winning. It finally feels like they belong there,” Sabrina said.

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