Chicago Cubs

Brandon Morrow Weighs in on Whether He'll Dance With Bullpen in 2018

The Chicago Cubs’ bullpen found an incredibly unique way to celebrate home runs last year, but it doesn’t appear that their new closer is going to play ball.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune’s Paul Sullivan, Brandon Morrow says that he is going to follow the lead of former closer Wade Davis and likely won’t dance with his teammates.

“I don’t know if the closer can dance,” he said. “You have to be mean.”

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Cubs pitchers began dancing after home runs last year when the bullpen was moved underneath the bleachers. The tradition continued throughout the year, culminating with the team actually having a rain delay dance-off with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

While Morrow does have company in terms of closers who declined to dance, it may be hard to resist the temptation. Even John Lackey, known for his hard-nosed approach, ended up joining in on the fun as he was a member of the team’s bullpen during the 2017 postseason. 

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