Key Matchups: Bears Vs. Ravens

Despite their struggles, the Bears should fare well against the Ravens this week.

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Coach | Advantage Ravens
nDon't let the Ravens' record fool you; John Harbaugh is still an excellent coach. Despite the team's rocky season, they won the Super Bowl last year and have a solid history under Harbaugh beyond that. Even though Bears fans love him, Marc Trestman is still a newbie.
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Quarterback | Push
nJoe Flacco isn't much to brag about with a 59 percent completion rate and 30 sacks to his name. And while Josh McCown has done well in lieu of Cutler, it's still too early for him to be a matchup winner. He simply doesn't have the experience yet.
Running back | Advantage Bears
nOnce upon a time, the Ravens would have had the advantage here. However, Ray Rice's week two injury apparently took all the talent out of him, and he simply isn't the same all-star everyone knew from last season. Matt Forte wins again.
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Wide receiver | Advantage Bears
nBrandon Marshall and Torrey Smith are on par with each other in terms of yardage, but unlike Smith, Marshall can score a touchdown. Eight of them, in fact. And Smith has only managed to get two this season.
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KR/PR | Advantage Bears
nComparing other players to Devin Hester is starting to feel mean. Jacoby Jones has 269 yards on kick returns this season, while Hester has increased his total to 819. The man is untouchable.
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Defense | Advantage Ravens
nLance Briggs is still out. Charles Tillman is out for the rest of the regular season. Basically, the Bears' defense is in horrible shape right now, which gives the Ravens the edge for Sunday's game.
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