Warren Sapp on Dancing With the Stars: I Won't Tell Anyone You Watched It

Filed under: , , Okay, I'm putting up the Warren Sapp'sYouTube of his appearance on "Dancing With the Stars" you've been hearing about. Nobody will have to know you even looked at it:

He moves pretty good for a fat man, though I have to say that the way they ended that dance was kinda gross. I have no idea whether he will win, but the Emmitt Smith experience at least suggests that some fans will call in to keep an NFLer on the show.

I've never watched this show either, but if I were ever to phone in one of these shows for someone, it would be for 83 year old Cloris Leachman. I don't care how she dances, but I adore everything she did in those old Mel Brooks movies.

And I must admit, I saw the following video on E! yesterday evening, and thought she was hilarious. Maybe it is just me (warning semi-profane, do not click if you easily offend or could get in trouble at work):

Video Link

That certainly shows some tenacity to get a job. And maybe that she is a fan of Raiders defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and his love of the f bomb.

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