The Twins Take Round One

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The entire 2008 season has come down to three games for the Minnesota Twins and the Chicago White Sox, as the two leaders atop the AL Central battle it out in Minnesota. Of course, last night the Twins looked as though they didn't even want to play the final two games of this series, and instead just went for the first round knockout.

It's pretty


funny when you think about it. The White Sox were the team that was two and a half games up going into the series, yet when reading what the players have been saying the last few days, you would have thought the White Sox were the ones chasing the Twins. While the Sox were worried about having to go to their own house of horrors, the Metrodome, the Twins were just sticking to their we're the underdogs and we're just gonna go out and play hard mentality.

Hell, the White Sox were so worried about this series that Ozzie Guillen felt the need to challenge Javier Vazquez publicly, telling the whole world that Javy just isn't a big game pitcher. Vazquez responded to the challenge by getting lit up like a Christmas tree.

The Twins just came out and did everything they're supposed to do. They got on base, took advantage of White Sox mistakes, pitched well, and outpowered the most powerful (home run wise) team in the Majors. Ron Gardenhire also outmanaged Ozzie Guillen, as Gardy treated this game like it was game seven of the World Series, and didn't leave anything in the bag.

There are still two games left to be played between these two teams, but considering the uppercut the Twins delivered to the Sox' chin last night, I'm not sure the White Sox will get their feet under them in time.

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