On Deck: Home Sweet Road

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On Deck is FanHouse's look at the day's most intriguing baseball matchups.

Chicago Cubs (88-58) "at" Houston Astros (80-67) - 8:05 PM ET

When is a home game not a home game? Well, when Hurricane Ike (and Bud Selig) force you to go to a domed stadium located conveniently in Milwaukee for a Houston Astros home game against the Chicago Cubs, who reside about 90 minutes away from Miller Park and will no doubt be represented well in the crowd for games there tonight and tomorrow afternoon. And it's not like Brewers fans are going to show up in droves to support the Astros, who are 2.5 games behind them in the wild card. If anything, Brewers fans will show up and they'll root for the Cubs too. Too bad the Packers aren't playing the Sunday night game ... then maybe Brewers fans would all have their portable TV's handy to watch the Pack and cheer at completely random times during the baseball game and confuse everyone involved.

Milwaukee Brewers (83-65) at Philadelphia Phillies (81-67) - 1:35/7:35 PM ET

Hey Ned, Ned Yost ... are you feeling okay? You don't look so good. In fact, your face is turning all shades of purple. What's wrong Ned? Speak to me? You can't speak? Oh no, you look like you're ... choking? Quick, who knows the Heimlich? Wait, Doesn't CC Sabathia know that procedure? I mean, he's performed the Heimlich on you nine times since he's gotten to Milwaukee ... oh, he's not around? Does Dave Bush know the Heimlich? You know, we're going to need Jeff Suppan to help out with this Heimlich thing too ... damn, Ned. You don't look very good at all.

Cincinnati Reds (67-81) at Arizona Diamondbacks (72-75) - 4:10 PM ET

Speaking of choking, it wasn't that long ago that the Arizona Diamondbacks were 4.5 games ahead in the NL West, and now they're 4.5 behind the Dodgers. And the man that might have delivered the final, cruel, ironic blow to the Diamondbacks? Micah Owings ... who delivered the winning run yesterday in the 10th inning as a pinch hitter in his first appearance as a Red after being named the later player in the Adam Dunn deal. If there was any justice in this world, he'd be pitching today. Alas, it's Johnny Cueto. But I'm sure the Reds will need a pinch hitter somewhere down the line today.

Everyone else:

  • Royals at Indians 1:05 EDT
  • Rays at Yankees 1:05 EDT
  • Braves at Mets 1:10 EDT
  • Nationals at Marlins 1:10 EDT
  • Twins at Orioles 1:35 EDT
  • Blue Jays at Red Sox 1:35 EDT
  • Tigers at White Sox Split DH 2:05 and 8:05 EDT
  • Cardinals at Pirates 1:35 EDT
  • Dodgers at Rockies 3:05 EDT
  • Mariners at Angels 3:35 EDT
  • Giants at Padres 4:05 EDT
  • Rangers at Athletics 4:05 EDT

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