FanHouse in the Stands: NLDS Game 1 At Wrigley

I had the displeasure of attending last night's game between the Cubs and Dodgers. I'd like to thank everyone who played for the Cubs last night other than Mark DeRosa -- and this girl with the awesome shirt -- for not showing up. I've heard from several people today that Dick Stockton -- Fornelli's favorite announcer -- kept proclaiming that the crowd was dead. We stood and cheered at several big moments, only to see a walk or inning ending double play (thank you 6-4-3 Lee). When the pitcher can't throw a freaking strike, it's sorta difficult to stay loud the entire time. Fans are funny like that.

Anyway, I'm bound to my fandom, and that is why I'm still on board with my Cubs in four games prediction. Carlos Zambrano is going to pitch like an ace tonight, and the offense will show up. Consider Game 1 a wake-up call in which the team played with significant rust.

The one thing I will not tolerate is more piling on the fans. It's pathetic and lazy. Fans had nothing to do with that team not showing up last night, and every person in my section was paying attention to the game. People on talk radio today spewing crap about how Cubs fans don't care need to get a life. It's a farce, and on behalf of my entire extended family, I'm offended. We care. Quit overgeneralizing and come up with an original thought for once.

I've included more pictures from the atmosphere after the jump.

Waveland Avenue a few hours before the start of the game. Looks like a lot of people about to be disappointed.

A tent at a local watering hole ... every single place within four blocks of Wrigley Field was packed like this.

Our work at FanHouse is never done until people stop wearing their "own" jersey. C'mon, man.

Just for you, Dodgers fans ... here are the boys about to come through with an upset.

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