Carlos Quentin Wants to Return This Year

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Carlos Quentin

Carlos Quentin may have undergone wrist surgery, but he hasn't given up on this season. From the Chicago Tribune:

Carlos Quentin said he is "trying to explore everything I can" in an effort to return this season. Quentin will resume cardio work at the end of the week, as the swelling around his surgically repaired right wrist subsides. Among the options Quentin is exploring is changing his diet and using a bone growth stimulator.

I'm not an orthopedist and I didn't sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I'm guessing Quentin's efforts, admirable as they may be, will ultimately prove pointless. The guy just had surgery on Monday, so even if the swelling subsides to the point that he's cleared for action, it's unrealistic to think that he'll regain all of the strength in his wrist -- and a power hitter without strong wrists simply isn't a power hitter.

If Quentin was an above-average left fielder or more of a threat on the basepaths, maybe the White Sox could find a good use for him. But bringing him back strictly for his bat? That won't end well, especially if he stays in the middle of the order. He'll draw a few walks, but there's no reason to think he'll resemble the MVP form he's shown for most of the year.

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