Cutler Doesn't Have to Fight for His Right to Party

New QB's nightlife is just fine with the Bears.

A 26-year-old man went out with a coworker and had some drinks. He just moved to Chicago, and so he checked out a Cubs and Blackhawks game, too. He may have caught the eye -- among other things -- of a few ladies. That's hardly a news story, right? Well, if that 26-year-old is Jay Cutler, it tends to raise a few eyebrows.

However, common sense wins out in this one, as Cutler's boss, Bears GM Jerry Angelo, sees Cutler's partying ways as the normal thing for a 26-year-old man.

"I'm not going to micromanage a person," Bears general manager Jerry Angelo said. "If we have to do that, that's not a good sign. Some lessons they have to see and learn for themselves. I don't think that's a big thing at this point. What he does on Sunday is how we're going to evaluate him. That's the bottom line. He gets it."

For now, that is the exactly right attitude to take. It's the spring, and Cutler is a grown man. Yes, his diabetes also means that he needs to take extra care when drinking, but as was already mentioned, he is a grown man. If he doesn't perform well for the Bears come training camp, then there is need for concern.

Until then, as long as he's not driving, drink up, Jay. But don't forget the other downside of being a well-known, rich, professional athlete. The next round is on you.

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