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Bringing Up the Rear, With Beer



    Bringing Up the Rear, With Beer
    Marcus Riley

    Marathons present an excellent opportunity to raise awareness for charitable causes. Like breast cancer research. Or autism fundraising.

    Or your own binge drinking.

    At least one pair of costumed competitors in the 2009 Chicago Marathon -- Molly, clad in a rubber keg, and John, decked out with a faux beer pong table -- decided they'd draw attention to their love of the sudsy stuff.

    "Well, because John and I didn't properly train," said Molly, as she was running the course, slowly, with her partner John. "We tend to drink a lot on the weekends so we thought, well, we're going as beer and beer pong."

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    Of course. Way to practice that old runner's maxim: if you can't beat them, ridicule their ascetic dedication.

    "We did a couple of [training] runs," Molly said, "but we didn't do the proper amount of runs at all."

    John, run-jogging alongside, clarified: "Five."

    Asked how they felt, Molly half-smiled.

    "I've felt better, but I'm making it."