WATCH: Carlos Boozer Loves to Talk During Bulls Games

The Bulls big man wore a microphone for last Thursday's nationally televised contest against the Houston Rockets

Grading Booz 1
Getty Images

If you watch the Chicago Bulls play, especially on television, then you’re inevitably going to hear Carlos Boozer’s rather loud and boisterous voice. From, “Grab that!” to “And one!” it’s not very hard to make out Boozer’s voice and identify one of his trademark sayings. His teammates have even remarked how they've never played with someone as talkative as the 11-year veteran.

The Chicago Bulls will host the Oklahoma City Thunder Monday night at the United Center and Boozer is sure to be his usually chatty self. However, on Thursday night when the Houston Rockets came to town, Boozer wore a microphone and it was finally revealed just how vocal the big man really is. After watching this video, it’s probably a whole lot more than ven Bulls fans could've imagined.

Despite controversy surrounding a diminished role and possible amnesty this summer, it’s good to see that Boozer doesn’t let any of the negative headlines affect his play or his enthusiasm whether he’s in the game or on the bench.

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