Stephen Colbert Disguises Himself as Wrigley Field Hot Dog Vendor ‘Donny Franks'

The "Late Show" host threw out the first pitch at Saturday's Cubs game, but he didn't quite look like himself

Leave it to Stephen Colbert. 

The "Late Show" host threw out the first pitch at the Cubs game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Wrigley Field on Saturday, and he did it in true Colbert fashion. 

Known for his satire performances, Colbert disguised himself as "Donny Franks," a long-haired hot dog vendor, selling frankfurters to fans in the stands and even Cubs' manager Joe Maddon himself. 

Colbert was in Chicago filming a segment for "The Late Show." Eyewitnesses reported seeing Colbert interview other hot dog vendors before taking his act to the Cubs dugout and first baseman Anthony Rizzo. [[393846701, C]]

The Northwestern University alumni launched his career at Chicago's famous Second City improv and sketch comedy theatre. He's also a noted Cubs fan and even tried to bring the team good luck in July. [[393846831, C]]

This wasn't the first time Colbert attended a major event in disguise, and it wasn't the first time someone took in a Cubs game incognito either.

In July, the talk show host crashed the stage at the Republican National Convention dressed like an emcee from the "Hunger Games" series for the prank. 

On Friday, Cubs President Theo Epstein was caught watching the game from the Wrigley bleachers while wearing a fake mustache.

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