Cedric Benson Cleared on All Charges

Former Bears RB Cedric Benson has been cleared of all charges in Texas.  The following is a statement was released from his attorney Sam Bassett:

"Two separate Travis County Grand Juries returned a "No Bill" on each of Cedric Benson’s cases today after a review of evidence and after listening to testimony from several witnesses, including law enforcement officers. This means that there was a finding by the grand juries that there was no probable cause to believe that Cedric Benson was guilty of a crime.

"Since my initial review of the evidence in both cases, I have held the firm belief that Cedric was not guilty of any crime. I hope that this situation reminds us all that not every person who is arrested is guilty of a crime.

"Cedric is grateful to all who have supported him. It was particularly difficult for him to lose the job that he loved with the Bears. He is eager to have an opportunity to again demonstrate that he is a quality running back who can contribute to a winning team. More importantly, he intends to demonstrate that he is worthy of being a positive role model in his community. He has learned much from this ordeal.

"I would like to commend Travis County Attorney David Escamilla and his staff for the thorough job that they did in presenting evidence from all sides to the grand juries."

UPDATE: Early Friday, Bassett added that "Judge [Elisabeth] Earle signed an order this morning removing the requirement of an interlock on Cedric Benson’s vehicle."

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