Best Baseball Fans in Chicago?

Golden Local Debate to settle civil baseball war

With apologies to General Custer, the most fierce North versus South battle is waged every year in the city of Chicago.

Many Chicagoans have two favorite teams -- the Cubs or the Sox -- and whichever team is playing their nemesis across town.

The Cubs, often referred to as the lovable losers, have a rich history and tradition. Ernie. Harry. Goats. Bartman.

Sox fans point to their team's rich tradition as well, which has its own distinct flavor, but Sox lore often gets swallowed up in the monstrous popularity of Cubdom.

However, any bar-room heated debate between Cubs and Sox fans can often be stopped with one line -- 2005 World Series champions. That title allows Sox fans to lay claim to bragging rights and walk around with their chests puffed out a little bit more.

Both teams can boast some pretty famous fans. For the Cubs, the list is endless -- Bill Murray, Vince Vaughn, Jim Belushi, Jon Cusack, Rod Blagojevich.

Sox fans can boast about having the No. 1 fan -- President Barack Obama.

But which fans know the game better?

Vote in the Golden Local Debate for Best Fans

Sox fans often point to the raucous atmosphere at Wrigley Field as proof that Cubs fans are more interested in getting their party on than the action on the field.

"They're just bums. They love to have drinks and fights and things. We're about baseball. They're about fighting," Sox fan Cranston Simpson said.

"The Sox fans are mean, mean, mean," Cubs fan Natalie Spetter said. "What's wrong with being good looking and getting drunk?"

"The fans come out, no matter how hot, no matter how cold, no matter the time of day, they sell out Wrigley," Cubs fan Jamie Lagerhausen said.

So can the mayor of Chicago answer the question of which team has the best fans in the city?

"Now that's a real, very very difficult question ... Sox fans," said Daley -- an admitted life-long Sox fan.

But Daley only gets one vote. Looks like we're going to have to let all the fans settle this one.

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