Bears Fans Got Their Packers Wish, Just Like the Hawks in '09

Dear Bears Fans,

First off, let me say that I am one of you, and passionately.  I may think Mike Ditka is overrated, and your conception of modern football I find hazy at best.  But my Sundays are spent on the couch, in my blue and orange. But let me speak from experience.

Yesterday, you chanted "Green Bay Sucks!" in the 3rd quarter.  You have been begging for this now confirmed date.  You see the never ending glory of beating the Packers in the NFC Championship game, simply the most important and tension filled game these two have every played. 

I only see the pain.  Because I've been through it.

In the spring of  '09, my fellow Hawks fans asked for the Detroit Red Wings in the Conference Finals.  They simply outclassed us.  Even after winning it all last year, Wings fans looked own their noses at us.  Or maybe they're just amazed at all the dirt on their faces, it's hard to tell.  We did the same in 1995, and the bent us over. 

On the flip side, there's '92, where the heavily favored Wings were swept by us.  Brent Sutter's goal, the only goal of that Game 4, nearly caused the Old Stadium to collapse.  But that victory didn't outlast the sting of the oncoming defeats.

You will not get over this loss, if that's what happens.  And it probably will.  The Packers are the better team.  But things can happen, I know.  But you'll get it worse from any Packer fan you know than you've ever had it.  All that woofing about Week 3, the division win, all of it has only supplied the extra ammo coming back.  Call a truce with any member of the Green and Gold Army that you have. 

For a more positive and cogent outlook on things, head over to Grizzly Detail. 

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