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Sox Brass Selling Season Better Than Cubs'

Kenny for Your Thoughts



    Sox Brass Selling Season Better Than Cubs'
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    Kenny Williams > Jim Hendry.

    In the world of Chicago baseball personalities, Kenny Williams looks impressive. Jim Hendry? Not so much.

    Most recently, Williams's dealt Jim Thome to the Dodgers for a prospect and cash -- he didn't get much back for Thome, but he got more than he would have had he let Thome's contract expire at the end of the 2009 season. Plus, Thome wasn't cranking out killer numbers. If the Sox are going to collapse down the stretch, they're perfectly capable of doing so without Jim Thome.

    But Hendry? Hendry had a chance to get something back for Cubs pitcher Rich Harden before Harden hits the free agent market this offseason.

    Instead, the Twins scoffed at Hendry's demands and walked away.

    So while the Cubs slip from contention (as if they're not cooked already) they get to keep first rights to their injury-prone pitcher this coming winter, which they won't use anyway. Well played.

    Combine that with Hendry's high-priced free agent acquisitions failing all over Wrigley Field -- Milton Bradley and Alfonso Soriano, we're looking at you -- and little in the way of promising prospects ready to take the reins, there's no question Kenny Williams has had the better recent run. White Sox fans, you may begin your taunts.

    Hendry will have time to redeem himself, and Williams is perfectly capable of doing something boneheaded. (Maybe he can trade for Ken Griffey, Jr. again!) But for now, Williams is winning the war of the Chicago baseball general managers. We have a feeling he's quite enjoying it, too.

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