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Matt "Air" Lauer Recreates Famous MJ Photo

Today Show host works with Bulls photographer to recreate photo



    Matt "Air" Lauer Recreates Famous MJ Photo
    Today Show
    Matt Lauer gets some air while recreating Michael Jordan's famous 1988 dunk.

    Sometimes it is possible to duplicate history.

    At least that's what NBC Today Show anchor Matt Lauer had in mind when he set out to recreate a famous Michael Jordan photograph from the 1988 NBA slam dunk competition at Chicago Stadium.

    Lauer worked with Bill Smith, the Chicago Bulls team photographer who captured the mid-air photo where Jordan took off from the free throw line.

    A crew from the off-Broadway show Fuerza Bruta helped get Lauer into the proper position, using harnesses, pulleys and fishing line.

    The final product turned out to be very close to the original -- using a little green screen and Photoshop help, of course.

    The Today Show is recreating famous photographs all week, including The Beatles Abbey Road crosswalk shot.