Isaac Hayes: My Phone Is Ringing

The Republican candidate challenging Jesse Jackson Jr. for his congressional seat says that, for the first time in this campaign his phone is buzzing.

"It's ringing a lot now," Hayes said. "It's good to finally hear from the press."

Asked whether the change is seemingly occuring over night, Hayes said "It is, it is. It was hard prior to yesterday to track down the press but now I'm getting calls."

Hayes has been considered almost a non-contender for Jackson's seat, but is now receiving attention following revelations that Jackson consorted with a blond model and may have been personally involved in attempting to bribe former governor Rod Blagojevich.

This is Hayes' first-ever political campaign. Prior to Jackson's flap, Hayes had issued press releases admonishing the press for not delving deeper into Jackson's record.

Hayes is due to get campaign assistance from RNC Chairman Michael Steele on October 15th when Steele rolls his Fire Nancy Pelosi bus tour into Chicago's 2nd District to stump for Hayes.

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