Rod: Senator Blagojevich Would Be Obama's “Worst Nightmare”

Rod Blagojevich knew his Senate plan wasn't going to be popular with the incoming administration, according to tapes played in court today.

In a call from Nov. 13, Blagojevich says that he knows appointing himself Senator would not make the new President happy.

"I believe their worst nightmare is me!" he says.  "They wanta keep Rezko a million miles away!"

In a separate tape from November 11th, Blagojevich floated his Louanner Peters idea again, this time to former aide Scofield.

"If I get nothing back from Obama, then I'm going in another direction. I mean, what if I get impeached next year? And the storm clouds get serious? I can say I've gotta catapult outa here. I need that Senate seat!"

Blagojevich speculates also about creating a non-profit advocacy group where he would go work. He tells Scofield he is thinking of asking Chicago billionaire JB Pritzker to help him fund it, in exchange for naming Pritzker to the Senate seat. He speaks of needing $10-15 million.

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