Biden shows photo of grandson Beau under Resolute Desk in rare White House tour

The president gave an in-depth look at how he has personalized his official residence

Joe Biden
MANDEL NGAN | AFP | Getty Images

The White House has been home to every president since John Adams, allowing them to make important decisions for the country as well as make important family memories along the way.

One of the most iconic White House photos comes, of course, from the Oval Office. President John F. Kennedy, while reading the newspaper at his historic desk in the Oval Office, his son John F. Kennedy, Jr., was photographed under the desk with the front trap door open.

In a recent tour of the White House with Architectural Digest, President Joe Biden showed off his version of the Oval Office, which every president gets to design themselves, and showed off a picture of his grandson Beau recreating the iconic image (it happens at around the two-minute mark).

The Resolute Desk, which was gifted to the White House in 1880 by Queen Victoria of Britain, has been used by nearly every president since then.

Biden also showed off other interesting artifacts he keeps in the Oval, including a moon rock and a signed rugby ball of the All-Irish rugby team, given to him by two of his cousins on the team.

The president then took his tour over to his private office in the West Wing, where he said he likes to go if he has to work on speeches.

In his private office, Biden has framed drawings kids have sent to him. The president said he takes a picture of the drawings on his wall and sends the photo to the young artists.

"I think they're really neat," Biden said.

At the end of his White House tour, Biden stopped in the Cabinet Room to show off the homemade chocolate chip cookies available for visitors. A tradition the president has brought with him to his official residence.

President Joe Biden issued a proclamation on Friday, pardoning those who committed simple marijuana offenses, including use and possession.
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