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Health Care Fight Erupts Outside Melissa Bean's Office

Bean voted yes on the House bill



    Health Reform Supporters, Opponents Square Off

    Hundreds of voters shouted at one another outside Melissa Bean's 8th District Congressional office as the health insurance reform debate marches toward a close. (Published Tuesday, March 16, 2010)

    The battle over health care legislation is being waged all over the country.

    But a microcosm of the fight is playing out in Schaumburg, Tuesday, where hundreds of voters are shouting at one another outside of Melissa Bean's 8th District Congressional office.

    Bean is one of three Illinois congressmen who is on the fence about voting for the reconciliation bill that's said to be coming down the pike this week. She did vote yes on the House version, but so far is uncomitted on the Senate bill.

    “Since I’ve been in Congress, I’ve heard repeated concerns about rising health care costs and the need for reform from the families and small businesses of the 8th District. Recent proposals have understandably prompted increased interest, passions, and perspectives," Bean said in a statement. 

    "I continue to listen to both sides of the debate. While many have expressed fears or concerns about specific rumors or provisions, overall I have heard strong support for fiscally responsible reform that would provide health care security, affordability and choice.”

    Based on an informal estimate, those who want her to vote yes outnumber those who want her to vote against.  

    Pro health reform protesters are shouting: "Healthcare is a moral issue." On the other side, protesters are shouting: "Kill the bill."

    Matt Flamm, a democratic candidate for State Represetative says "we can't afford not to do it."