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Watch: Plummer Clogs Up in TV Interview

GOP Lt. Gov. candidate suffers loooong, awkward moment in WTTW interview



    Watch: Plummer Clogs Up in TV Interview

    Sixteen seconds.

    That's the length of Jason Plummer's stuttering and then silent pause while trying to answer host Phil Ponce's questions during a WTTW interview Thursday night.

    Not the kind of showing you want when trying to convince the electorate that being 27 and politically inexperienced doesn't disqualify you from office.

    When asked a simple question about where he'd propose cutting costs to stave off a predicted budget crisis, Plummer said:

    "Why aren't we looking at programs like the, uh...the uh...the edu..uh..."

    Ponce graciously tried to lead him out of the rhetorical thicket.

    "I'm sorry, the education programs?" Ponce asked.

    No, Plummer said, but continued to stutter until Ponce said "you're blanking," and they moved on.

    See the interview for yourself. The awkward starts 1:46 into the clip.

    Guess the upside here is that no matter Plummer's faults, at least the GOP's go their act together enough to actually have a Lt. Gov. candidate.